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Note Fighter Free erapid games review

Note Fighter Free – Games Review

If you’re thinking of picking up your very first musical instrument (piano, particularly) for the first time, Note Fighter Free is just the game you need! Developed by Middle C Media UG, this game features a classy steampunk theme and utilises the concept of gamification in its design in order to let you learn some basic note reading skills as you play the game!

In each game, you’ll be presented with a staff at the top and a virtual piano at the bottom. The keys of the shortened-version of the piano are marked with their corresponding alphabetical notes. There will also be a steampunk robot on your left with 4 health bars, each lined up perfectly with the white spaces in between the lines on the staff.

How do you play the game? Well, it’s simple really. Whenever a note scrolls into view, you will need to tap on the corresponding key on the piano. There is also a nifty coloured circular pointer that will always appear on the key you’ll need to tap on. It helps you to find the right key to play. If you tapped on the wrong key, the life bar on the same line as the note resides will be reduced. The same thing happens for when you let a note slipped pass you and go off the edge of the staff. Once any one of the 4 life bars is depleted, you’ll lose the game.

Note Fighter Free

This is a general guideline on how to play the game, though it changes slightly depending on the game mode you’re playing on. Note Fighter Free offers 4 different game modes of varying difficulties – practice, easy, medium and hard. For instance, in the practice mode, you can select the song speed from 25% to 100% and you can’t die. The slower music speed will help new players to get accustomed to the positions of the keys as well as the rhythm of the music they are playing. If you have never learned music in your life, this mode will get you started perfectly.

Once you’re confident enough, you could then try the easy mode. Easy mode is not as tough for most of the music – I’d advise you to avoid Mozart and Beethoven music until you’ve completed the medium level for the other music – and the general rules still apply. However, the gameplay is modified in order to ramp up its difficulty for the medium and hard modes. Here, you have to play the right key when the note is near to the robot fighter. So, in other words, you have less time to react.

Note Fighter Free features 9 musical tunes that every budding pianist should and will know. This includes the crowd favourites, Jingle Bells and Auld Land Syne, to the much more complicated musical pieces by famous composers like Beethoven’s Fuer Elise and Mozart’s Symphony No. 40. All the music in the game have 3 difficulties despite their odd arrangement in the music selection screen. If you want to play more music though, you’ll need to purchase the full version of the game.

Note Fighter Free erapid games review

The only downside that this game has is that the fighting sound somewhat interferes with the music you are playing. Thus, I’d recommend turning it off. Furthermore, the game lacks stats at the end. It’ll be great to know how many notes you got right and your accuracy instead of just a “You Win”.

In short, for a completely free game, Note Fighter Free is an excellent musical game that everybody can enjoy. If you want to learn note reading, this is definitely the game to try!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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