Octagon released on Google Play

Endless running games can be fun and frustrating at the same time, but thankfully there are some which strive to innovate. Octagon is a title where you need to guide a ball through a very large game world that’s always shifting, so there are definitely challenges at all corners.

The gameplay here requires you to spin the world in-game in order to complete the level. Octagon has been released a few days ago on Google Play, and it already has numerous followers because it simply brings an amazing gameplay as well as numerous features that you simply can’t find in other similar games.

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Octagon comes with an endless game mode as well as a classic mode where you will have to face normal challenges. In order to complete that it will provide an unlimited number of randomly generated levels, which is certainly one of the major additions to the genre. The graphics are also very interesting as well, as they are dynamic procedural and simply provide a minimalist look. Don’t let yourself fooled by the looks of the title though, as it’s very demanding, especially after you pass the introductory levels.

There are challenges at all corners in Octagon and the title prides itself on being the best one you can find when it comes to the difficulty of the levels. The neat thing is that you don’t have to memorize where you go because each level is randomly generated. This does spike up the difficulty quite a little bit, but on the other hand does provide character to the game.

This game is a very appealing one and you can rest assured that it comes with a large player base with which you can compare results. You can grab the game from Google Play right now and if you want some gameplay watch the trailer below.