Oddwings Escape comes to Google Play

Oddwings Escape has made quite a sensation on the App Store, which means that it’s now the turn of the Google Play platform to experience the delight of this stunning game. The main idea in this title is very addictive right from the start, because it offers an immense set of challenges by using multiple puzzles that you need to complete as fast as possible.

You don’t need a constant internet connection for this game which is a major plus, but at the same time you can engage in multiplayer battles if you want, as these make a great experience!

Oddwings Escape erapid games news

The game focuses a lot on bringing in a physics based adventure that you will never forget and, at the same time, you will be able to discover secret paths which will help you to avoid the tricky hazards as you see fit. The multiplayer in this game is really cool and you need to play the title quite a lot if you want to have a good chance at survival!

Oddwings Escape erapid games news

You can boost the friends in order to receive extra rewards and the game on its own allows your character to receive multiple powers too, which include teleportation, speed boost and many others. The touch controls are amazing and very responsive, which means that you will most definitely have a blast playing this. Oddwings Escape is a free to play game, so there are in-app purchases, but these are so nicely designed that you will be amazed with the great quality experience you achieve from this game.

If you like physics based and flying games, Oddwings Escape is the right choice for you, so download it right now!

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