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Osmos – Game Review

While we all love arcade games, even in this genre there are some titles which stand out of the crowd. Some of them are very easy to get into, while other require a special commitment. Alongside these comes Osmos, a game whose idea is very simple and which brings quite a lot of interesting things to the table, enough to provide it with a great longevity, while also making it a lot of fun as well.

In Osmos, you play the role of a small amoeba whose main purpose is to grow by eating the other similar amoebas in the game world. However, some of them are larger, and you need to avoid those at all costs, otherwise it would be game over. The main idea here is to eat the little guys and stay away from the larger ones, at least until you grow large enough to be a great competition for them. While the overall gameplay of Osmos can be really simple, the fact that the title is so easy to play using touch devices clearly suggests that it has been created with these in mind. Moving the amoeba is so easy and the overall results when it comes to the gameplay are simply astonishing.

osmos erapid games review arcade

You can tap on your amoeba in order to gain some speed and momentum, which is indeed necessary if you want to catch the smaller guys. These can be quite a challenge, especially in the beginning, where you are surrounded by a lot of larger enemies that can defeat you, so avoiding them is indeed recommended.

There is a downside though when you tap on your amoeba, and that is because it actually makes you slower. So while this might be a very useful game mechanic, it’s important to use it only when you have no resort, as this can pose quite a challenge, especially in the long run.

You have two different game modes, which are Odyssey and Arcade. However, you need to beat the first one in order to gain access to the latter. Odyssey is more of a tutorial, whereas the Arcade mode is where you will spend most of your time.

osmos erapid games review arcade

Graphically, Osmos is presented really nice, with vivid visuals and a lot of animations that complement the beautiful game world. The game also brings a very interesting soundtrack, as well as some achievements that can be unlocked as you play.

Overall, we found Osmos to be lots of fun. It doesn’t require a learning curve, instead it has a more pick up and go approach that actually works really nice for it. We love the way the game plays, the fact that you can replay any of the levels if you want and, of course, the fact that it brings achievements. Overall, Osmos brings one experience that needs to be tried!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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