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Owl Can’t Sleep erapid games review

Owl Can’t Sleep – Games Review

Owl is a very strange owl indeed! Unlike every other owls, Owl cannot sleep during the day as he thirsts for adventure… and when an opportunity arose, he grabbed onto it tightly with both claws! Join the owl in his exciting and endless adventure upwards in Owl Can’t Sleep!

To play, you just need to touch and hold for a few seconds before releasing your hold to launch your adorable owl from platform to platform in this endless jumping game. If you think it sounds simple enough, well, you’re both right… and wrong! The game itself is indeed an easy game to pick up, but to master it, well that’s a whole different matter to consider!

This is because you have to take in account of the varying distances between the owl and the next platform to judge how long you should hold. If you hold for too long, your owl will be launched right into the spikes at the top of the ceiling, but if you hold for too short a time, your owl may not even get to the next platform and fall to its death – there are spiky stuff at the bottom as well! Not to mention, the platform your owl is on is gradually sinking, making the process of judging the distance between platforms slightly more difficult.

Owl Can’t Sleep erapid games review

Thankfully, there’s a helpful spring-winding sound to help you roughly determine when your holding-on is long enough. For example, you may estimate 3 ticks to be sufficient for your owl to reach to the next platform, but if it didn’t work out, you’ll know to reduce the number of ticks. This is a very useful trick in owning this game rather quickly, though it’ll take plenty of trial and error before you start racking up those high scores!

There are also points that you can earn based on how high you go in this game and the points you get are not accumulative. For example, by reaching level 10, you’ll encounter an injured owl. By successfully landing on the level 10 platform, you’ll save this owl and can then use it later to play the game. You’ll get free owls at level 25, 50, 100 and 150 as well!

Owl Can’t Sleep erapid games review

Furthermore, besides hopping upwards while earning more points as you go, the game also provides various coloured sweets for you to collect. The orange sweets are the usual ones that you’ll collect at the beginning of the level, but once you go after level 10, you’ll reach the pink sweets which accounts for 2 of the normal sweets.. After level 20, you’ll get the blue sweets which will earn you 3 normal sweets instead! So, the higher you go, the more sweets you can get! Similarly to earning points, these sweets are useful to collect as you’ll need them to unlock new types of adorable owls and add them to your collection! The cheapest owls will cost you 50 sweets while the most expensive owls can go up to 2000 sweets!

In a nutshell, Owl Can’t Sleep is a simple yet very addictive endless jumping game that is rather challenging (some may say it is as challenging as Flappy Bird) to play! How high can you help Mr Owl go? Play this game now and find out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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