Pac-Man Bounce is soon chomping towards Android

Pac-Man Bounce erapid games news

Pac-Man is a great series for Android and one that manages to bring in a lot of value and passion for the online world. Pac-Man Bounce is the latest game that is set to be introduced by the Pac-Man creators and it manages to bring in some extraordinary new challenges into the mix.

Like always, this game is placing us into the role of our favorite chomper which needs to go home as he explores all the chomp land and tries to find all the necessary pieces to get to its desired location.

Of course, there are numerous challenges to be had here, and each one comes with specific puzzles that you can check out. Levels are quite large and you will need to acquire stars, keys and other cool stuff unlike never before.

Pac-Man Bounce erapid games news

There are still lots of ghosts, which to be honest is really cool and a ton of fun, but at the same time the challenges found within the game just makes the game a lot more interesting and fun as well.

The levels are much more interesting than in other Pac-Man games, I have to say, but at the same time the wonderful worlds bring tons of dangers. There are however places where you can see the entire world being made out of tasty snacks which is quite nice to say the least.

Pac-Man Bounce erapid games news

You also get a good multiplayer component that literally places you face to face with friends and you need to work hard in order to obtain the best score.

Pac-Man Bounce is a fun game and even though it’s not out yet, it will be soon, during the summer or fall!