plants vs zombie erapid games review

Plants vs Zombies 2 – new form of gardening

Plants vs Zombies 2 – Game review The original Plants Vs Zombies title was a huge hit thanks to the new and exciting ideas that it brought to the table. Plants Vs Zombies 2 brings the same original idea yet it somehow manages to [Read more]

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candy crush saga e-rapid games review

Candy Crush Saga – get ready to play

Candy Crush Saga – Game Review It’s a game that has taken everyone by surprise-moms, grandmothers, teenagers and kids alike-everyone is playing it! Yes, we’re talking about Candy Crush Saga! Initially released only on Facebook, [Read more]

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timberman e-rapid games review

Timberman, new flappy birds?

Timberman – game review When it comes to the mobile game market, some of the most popular games out there are the skill based ones. People always like a challenge, and such games clearly place them in front of one. For a skill based [Read more]

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google playe ico

Google Play – old store new look

We are paying a lot of attention to Android since Google IO 2014 and try to be up to date with all new things. One of those things is Google’s Material Design. Android Developers Blog post reveals more information about it. In our [Read more]

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Amnesia by PewDiePie

Amnesia – the Dark Descent Don’t know if you have played this game, but how „PewDiePie” plays is just the best way of playing. We have watched all his Amnesia videos and never enjoyed watching videos so much. [Read more]

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e-rapid games

Games… Do you want to play a game?

Games… Why we play a game? It’s kind of hard to imagine our world without game consoles, game platforms, games as such, installed on our PCs or smartphones, or just plain board games. It’s normal to see hundreds of people playing [Read more]

August 14, 2014 // 0 Comments

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