Perception – horror game trailer

perception erapid video

Perception – is not just an ordinary horror game, it’s something much more than that. It’s enough to look at the screenshots to state this. What is interesting, the funds for Perception ($168,041 vs $150,000 needed) were gathered on Kickstarter with the campaign successfully ended yesterday.

In Perception, you play as a young blind woman – Cassie, who moves using echolocation. The reflection of every sound enables her to see the world around. Unfortunately, it seems to hide something dark and this darkness haunts her, chase her in her dreams, until she finds the place she had dreamed about, and can finally reveal the secret herself.

Deep End Games – the company behind Perception, consists of well-known veterans who have been working on such big titles as BioShock, Dead Space or Just Cause 3. So far, they had been very responsive and attentive to the audience, and we hope it’ll last till the very end.

Below, there is one more video, revealing Silent Night Mode – a version of a game without Cassie commenting everything what happens. We think it’s more scary comparing to the original, but also needs a few adjustments. And what is your opinion? 😉

Worth mentioning that the game should be released till June 2016 on PC.