Phantaruk now available on Steam Greenlight

There are many horror games out there, some of which are better than others, but there are always some new, innovative titles that manage to stand out. Here comes Phantaruk, a very interesting survival horror game where, unlike other similar games, you actually have the opportunity to search for and engage in battle the evil in a material form.

The game is quite interesting because it takes the original corridor shooter formula and mixes it with the danger as well as excitement that comes from facing an ancient evil. Phantaruk’s main purpose is to find a way to leave this spaceship alive, and it’s a very interesting premise.

Phantaruk erapid games news

What makes Phantaruk even more interesting however is the fact that while you try to avoid the monster, you will also have to cope with the effects of a mutagenic virus with which you have been injected. It’s unclear what this will do to you, and only by playing you will see the negative consequences that alien organisms can actually have on your body.

Since Phantaruk is a horror game at its core, you do have a lot of tensions and danger being present here at all times. Because of this intense sense of tension and fear, the game manages to bring out some of the most amazing sequences you ever wanted, and it really works amazingly well to be honest. At the same time, the title manages to bring in a ton of new and interesting features such as a great health system based on the player pulse or enemies that react on your behavior.

Phantaruk erapid games news

It’s safe to say that Phantaruk is a different kind of survival horror game, and one that will surely create waves in the industry. There is a demo for this game available right now, and you can check the title out on Steam Greenlight or even vote it if you want it on Steam. Check the link below for more info and access to the demo: