Pixel Boat Rush set to release next week

pixel boat rush, erapid games news

Arcade games are a dying breed on the PC, but they remain very strong and active on the mobile devices, and that’s exactly the impression that Pixel Boat Rush provides us. This is a title where you just need to guide a pixelized boat through a wide range of challenges and an immersive game world filled with dangers, just like in any other arcade game.

pixel boat rush, erapid games news

The controls are fairly simple and generic for a mobile game, because you need to tap in order to accelerate and release in order to brake. The controls are very good and they do seem to work quite nicely for the game. But what makes the Pixel Boat Rush game stand out is definitely the content. The game brings 15 different race tracks, as well as more than 100 different events as well as 7 race types, so there are lots of variations that you can go through.

Racing is not all about skill however, as in Pixel Boat Rush you can also upgrade your boat with guns and kill the competition in order to gain the advantage. There are more than 20 different types of guns, each one with different methods of destroying the enemies.

pixel boat rush, erapid games news

Lastly, you get access to 4 different categories, each one with its own leaderboard that you need to go up on. If you want, you can use multiple power-ups as you play, such as repairing, shield, ammo, boost, coins and multiple others. There are 3 save files as well as a great retro graphics setup, completed by a retro themed soundtrack as well. Pixel Boat Rush is a very fast paced game that you can install it on your device soon enough, as it’s set to release next week. The reviews for the iOS are very positive and we are sure that the game won’t disappoint on Android as well!

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