Plague Inc – kill all peaple by virus

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Plague Inc. – Game Review

In strategy games you usually take the role of a character or race that tries to defeat the opponents. However, some of these games try to get out of the simple boundaries, and this is where Plague Inc comes in. This title is way different than any other game in its genre because you will take the role of a pathogen whose only objective is to eliminate as many humans as possible.

What’s really intriguing when you start playing the game is that you will come face to face with a very realistic world map, and there you will watch your progress. The interface is cleverly designed as you can watch the progress of your plague, how it evolves, how many people has infected and the number of casualties you, as a pathogen, have created.

plague inc game review erapid games

The gameplay is quite engaging, as you acquire DNA by infecting or killing people. Unfortunately, DNA doesn’t come easy and you need to spend it wisely. You need to make good decisions when it comes to spending these points, and believe me when I say that there are lots of things to spend them on. From disease abilities to transmission or symptoms, you have a wide range of places to spend your hard earned points, but you do need to choose those that bring the most value and which increase your score. In the end, the outcome comes in the form of the score, so that’s all that matters in the end.

Plague Inc makes it easy to create the ultimate pathogen that will help you destroy mankind as you know it. This game literally makes us think how fast can a virus evolve and how defenseless we are against it.

However, it can be quite hard to try and create the ultimate virus, because there are simply lots of things that might come in your way. But even if it’s hard to do it, it’s not impossible. The game can be played in long or short bursts, depending on how you want, and the progress is saved automatically. Unfortunately, there isn’t a multiplayer option, it would have been cool to compete against another plague (player) in your quest to become the ultimate virus in the world. Despite that, the gameplay is solid and fun.

plague inc game review erapid games

Graphically, there’s not that much to see, other than a map of the world and a few upgrade windows. Even so, the game looks great and you’ll get more than enough fun out of it.

In the end, Plague Inc is definitely a one of a kind experience that you will certainly enjoy. It might not be the best strategy game out there, but it’s different and once you grasp the game mechanics you will definitely get hooked to it. If you want a good strategy game, then this is definitely the title for you!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10