Plants vs Zombies 2 receives lost city updates

Plants vs Zombies 2 erapid games news

Most of us like the intriguing Mayan civilization, but the last thing we ever thought about is seeing it in Plants vs Zombies 2. But it seems that the developers thought otherwise, as here they are providing us with a one of a kind update named Lost City part 1. What this update does is that it brings a Mayan themed set of 16 levels. Not only that, but there are many other additions as well.

First, you get four new tropical plants that do pertain to the new set of levels, as well as ten new zombies, all of which are designed to impress you.

Plants vs Zombies 2 erapid games news

And as if that was not enough, there are many other new things here as well. You have the Golden Tile Sun which, as the name says, is a tile that creates sunlight. It might seem like a small change at first but the reality is that this manages to drastically change the overall game mechanics and it makes them even more interesting. Depending on the way you play, you will be able to access multiple interesting gameplay opportunities, and this is a plus for all gamers that want an exquisite experience in the Plants vs Zombies 2 universe.

The update is available right now, and it’s indeed one of the most interesting released in a mobile game for quite a while, not only based on the scope, but also on looks and other stuff. It imbues the game with a whole new life and, more importantly, it’s just plain fun, which is a major plus.

Plants vs Zombies 2 erapid games news

You just need to download the update from Google Play or set the updates to automatic, and that’s it. There is no need for anything else and you will surely appreciate the new gameplay opportunities offered here.

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