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platform panic erapid games review

Platform Panic – Games Review

Platform Panic is a classic 2D side-scrolling platform game that is seriously as hard as the infamous game Flappy Bird. If you want a game that requires quick reflexes, this is the platform game for you!

The controls are very simple in this game. Your character will automatically move from one side to the other, but you can control which direction it’ll auto-move to by simply swiping it in the direction you want. If you want your character to jump, you can just swipe upwards.

Although the controls are easy, the gameplay is an entire different matter! The objective is very straightforward in this game – avoid danger, collect as many coins as you can and, most importantly, try not to get killed! How? Well, having quick reflexes helps a lot since you will need to dodge projectiles and bombs, dart around enemy robots and jump over suddenly-sprung spiky traps. However, you’ll soon realise that this is the sort of game that will take a lot of practise and luck to get good at (something like the game Flappy Bird). So, don’t despair if you only managed to get a best high score of less than 10! You can bet that everyone else is getting a score around that range too.

platform panic erapid games review

Furthermore, each game you play in Platform Panic will be uniquely different as each stage you encounter is randomly selected from a cache of stages. In other words, the stages are not fixed in an order. Thus, sometimes you may get lucky and find yourself playing the easier stages while sometimes you may get a chain of difficult ones. At least you won’t be getting bored though!

There are also up to 9 characters, such as Sir Jump-a-lot, for you to unlock, each character being cuter than the next one! Some of these characters, namely Blue Rodent (Hint: Sonic the hedgehog), Plumber (Hint again: Super Mario) pay homage to classic and famous platform games. However, these characters are not given any special powers or bonus stats – they are merely cosmetic in nature.

Platform Panic even allows you to share your highest score, just so you can brag about your gaming skills! After all, not everyone can get a score as high as yours! There is also a leaderboard whereby you can check your ranking among other Platform Panic users worldwide. If you prefer competing with yourself instead of with others, you can try obtaining the achievements instead! And trust me, they can be pretty hard to get.

platform panic erapid games review

In a nutshell, Platform Panic may not look as good as other modern-looking games by adopting the retro-look, it compensates by offering one of the most challenging gameplay around! The game relies heavily on quick reflexes and suitable to be played during short breaks since the game tend to end really fast (particularly when you’re just starting out in this game). Anyhow, if you fancy a game with a dab of retro and a dash of challenge, well, this is game for you! Let Platform Panic take you on a ride back to the good ol’ arcade games of the 80s!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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