Platform Wars pits iOS Android and Windows Phone Gamers against each other

We are all accustomed to play games on different platforms, mainly because there are so many devices to choose from nowadays. However, Platform Wars takes this to the next level as it allows you to choose a warrior that depicts one of those platforms and then engage it into one of a kind battles with people from all over the world.

Platform Wars erapid games news

The PVP system included with this title is sincerely spectacular, and it offers one of the most interesting gameplay choices that you can find right now. The gameplay on itself is rather simple, you need to match cells that have the same color in order to increase the attack energy and create patterns if you want to improve your attack.

The best thing about Platform Wars is that it actually comes with its own leaderboard so there’s always an incentive to play more and more, which is really neat to say the least.

On top of that, Platform Wars offers cloud saves which means that even when you play on a new device you will be able to resume with your character, a feature that we found to be very useful and interesting as well.

Platform Wars erapid games news

Of course, as you would expect, Platform Wars requires a constant internet connection, and a good one as well. This is why we recommend you to play it only via Wi-Fi, otherwise you might encounter some major problems.

In conclusion, Platform Wars is set to be a very good game for those of us that love competition and a little challenge. It’s already available on all major platforms and if you love a challenge, you will definitely like it. You do need to have appropriate expectations though, as the game doesn’t have a matchmaking system based on experience, so you might find yourself playing against a harder opponent. Still, the game is well worth a try!

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