Postal game denied on Google Play finds it way on Amazon

If you like games that tend to have a bit of controversy in them, then you heard about Postal for sure. This is a great series that has managed to get quite a following in the past few years with its re-release. Simply put, this game is filled with gore and violence all around, be it animal, domestic and at many times it’s filled with carnage as well.

Recently, the developers of Postal wanted to submit the game to Google Play and make sure that their Android version reaches the customers. The interesting thing is that Google denied the game, because it was too violent, which is rather unfortunate for the dev team. This is strange especially if you take into consideration the fact that Google Play is the Wild West of mobile apps, where almost any application can enter.

The dev team allegedly tried to submit the Postal game to the Amazon App Store and they were denied in that particular store initially, however, after contacting the Amazon team once more, the Android version of Postal can now be downloaded from Amazon without a problem.

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This is not the only time when Amazon has games which are not available on Google Play, but with Postal things tend to get very interesting here. It’s definitely a controversy that Postal has created on and on, but this is one of the few games that Google does not allow on their store.

On the other hand, let’s face it, Postal was a risk right from the start. Its pure nature of violence makes it very appealing for some gamers, but other simply do not like this title at all! Overall, we feel that Postal should get a chance to be on Google Play, but until then, you can get the game from Amazon!