Prince of Persia Classic – old prince in new clothes

Prince of Persia Classic – Games Review

Prince of Persia is one of the best platform games that we had the opportunity to play in the last few years, and thanks to Prince of Persia Classic we can relive those moments and engage in yet another dangerous attempt to save the princess from the dangerous clutches of your enemies.

The Prince of Persia Classic title is basically a port of the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time game that was released back in 2003 by Ubisoft. Now the developer has managed to create a somewhat different adventure with a whole new twists and some interesting new elements that simply make the game stand out.

prince of persia erapid games review

Right from the start you will see that the game is very familiar. You will have to do whatever it takes to rescue the princess and fulfill your destiny to become a king. However, the game world, although quite beautiful, it’s filled with dangers and a lot of perils that you simply cannot ignore. At first you will have to defeat some smaller enemies, but as time passes you will be placed in front of some serious challenges that you need to overcome. These range from almost impossible puzzles, at least at first, to some very demanding fights that you will have to engage yourself into. All of these will provide you with all the content that you need in order to play for hours and hours, as you try to uncover the secrets of the palace and save the girl that you love.

What we like the most about Prince of Persia Classic is the fact that you get some very interesting levels. Basically, the path to rescue the princess will never be an easy one, so from prison guards to traps or multiple other enemies, you will have to face a lot of dangers that might be quite hard to cope with.

The Prince is now with a whole new skin and you will have to go through some interesting dungeons in order to rescue the princess. Just like in the whole series, you will have to perform a lot of death defying stunts in order to get even further into the palace and save your loved one.

prince of persia classic erapid games review

You also get to play with numerous game modes, each one of them more demanding than others. Be it survival or time attack, both of these modes are very interesting and certainly a lot of fun to play, so no matter what game type you choose, you will definitely have a blast. Not only that, but the game is structured in such a way so that it will always ask more and more from you, so the quest is always interesting!

In conclusion, we found Prince of Persia Classic to be one of the best Prince of Persia titles released recently. With some great controls for the mobile version (although there are problems with some phone models), amazing graphics and an exciting set of levels, Prince of Persia Classic is set to become one of the best platform games on mobile, so we recommend that you give it a try right away!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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