Prison Architect comes to Android soon

prison architect erapid games news

We are all accustomed to play funny arcade games or even RPGs on Android, but playing a prison simulator would most likely be a first for this platform. Introversion states that their successful Prison Architect title which is still in Early Access form on PC is bound to be released sometime this year on Android as well as other mobile devices.

At its core, Prison Architect is a fun prison management game where you need to try and run your own prison the best way you can. You need to deal with all the issues that a normal prison has to face, but you also try to evolve your prison into a large penitentiary that not only has to feed the prisoners but also keep them at bay as you protect the staff.

prison architect erapid games news

We do think that the Prison Architect Android version will have to deal with a few concessions, because there is less processing power here, and most likely this will face things such as lower population amongst many others, which is neat.

Based on the PC experience, Prison Architect is a very interesting and exciting game, so we are confident that Prison Architect will do a great job and retain the same atmosphere, hopefully!

prison architect erapid games news

With no price tag and release date in mind as of now, Prison Architect is still in constant development, but if the PC version is any indicator, this is set to become one of the best games out there. You will appreciate this game for sure when it releases, so do mark your calendars, because this is the year of prison simulation!