Prize Claw 2 just launched on Google Play

Prize Claw 2 erapid games news

While many of us had mixed success with the real life claw machines, the reality is that Prize Claw was an astounding success, because if you managed to put enough effort, you could be able to get the toy out of there. The sequel, named appropriately Prize Claw 2 is one of the interesting additions to the genre because not only it boosts graphics that are way better, but also a large world to explore, tons of claws that have great special abilities, as well as astounding powers such as explosions, lightning and so on.

Prize Claw 2 erapid games news

Prize Claw 2 comes with a limitless number of missions which surely makes playing the tittle a sheer delight. The physics in Prize Claw 2 are way improved over the predecessor and the fact that you have a prize reel which you can spin at any given time just makes the whole experience a lot more impressive and at the same time it is very immersive.

While perusing the great world of Prize Claw 2 you will be able to find a multitude of prizes such as dragons, unicorns and a lot of other stuff as well. In fact, you can magnetize your claw and receive the best possible outcome, a mechanic that adds a lot of variety and uniqueness into the mix.

Prize Claw 2 erapid games news

All these features combined seem to do a great job for Prize Claw 2 and the game feels fresh and unique, despite being a sequel on its own.

Prize Claw 2 has just been launched on Google Play a few days ago and it’s having an astounding success, and the developers are promising many content and bug fixes updates, so there’s a lot of stuff to be had in this title. All in all, Prize Claw 2 is worth a try, so check it out right now!

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