Project CARS – how about a test drive?

project cars erapid video

How many of you were waiting for an innovative racing game to play? We have, for sure! Now, the most anticipated game of the year is available on PC and consoles worldwide! Of course, we are talking about Project CARS.

There have been many of rumors, news, and discussions about this game, luckily positive and enthusiastic ones, but today we can take a look at the gameplay ourselves and make our own conclusions. From our side, we are very much pleased and looks like the motorsports paths are as exciting as they were meant to be. A variety of cars and locations are enough to provide a lot of fun. Although, the most amazing thing is a realistic driving simulation itself. Yes, there are a few bugs and issues, but what game hasn’t?

Project CARS is absolutely a unique experience. Not only because the game was raised by developers and gamers, without even a dedicated publisher, but because it was polished from every angle and made to have its own soul in order to be something more than just another racing game.

Want to take a test drive of Lykan Hypersport? Watch the video by Chris Spooner Gaming 😉