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Proto Zombie Pro – Games Review

Proto Zombie Pro is a first person shooter action game where you (must have guessed by now) have to annihilate as many zombies and their bosses as possible!

According to the official story line, there was a big accident in the lab where the scientists were working on a proto zombie virus. One of the scientists was infected by the virus, and became a zombie! A mass infection ensues… You know the drill – We have all seen enough zombie movies and TV series to last us a lifetime! Now, the proto zombies are wandering everywhere in the village that you are unfortunate enough to visit!

Proto Zombie Pro erapid games review

The controls in this game are fairly basic – the left side of the screen functions to move your view from left to right and to shoot, just tap on the gun. And yes, you have not read wrongly… you can’t run in this game! So, abandon any thought of running away, stand your ground and survive! After killing the required number of zombies (or the boss) or surviving for the duration required, your mission will be completed and you’re free to go!

For newbies who have yet to ‘experience’ a zombie apocalypse, don’t panic! There’s a short tutorial at the beginning to help you out. However, if you want to survive the subsequent zombie encounters, you’ll need to master the two-finger controls in that tutorial. One tip from an expert zombie killer; headshot is a must! Pro zombie slayers should already know that.

In Proto Zombie Pro, you start off with the basic handgun. As you proceed to higher levels, you’ll also unlock more powerful guns. However, with upgrades, your ‘basic’ guns can easily become a mass killing machine! Don’t forget to purchase ammo for your gun as well! Furthermore, your gun will get overheated over time and, if you cannot wait, you can pay coins to get it cooled down.

Proto Zombie Pro erapid games review

The game also features a horde of different types of zombies. Some of them (For example, yellow zombies) are more difficult to kill than others and some can even jump right in front of you! In short, it can get pretty challenging rather quickly. Moreover, there are also zombie bosses – they are much tougher zombies who wield shields. In this case, you will need to unleash a barrage of headshots, especially when the boss glows red (in anger), to quickly put it back into the ground!

Fancy challenging your friends to a zombie killing competition? Check out the VS Mode! You can actually compete with other players to see who can survive the longest! After all the bloodshed, you can then compare your global or friend ranking by clicking on the rank tab on the main screen.

Besides the zombie killing sprees, the game even has daily tasks for you to do as well as achievements, called ‘honor’, to strive for to earn some extra money or diamonds. There is also a daily lottery where you can win some goodies!

However, it can be rather difficult to achieve higher levels in the game without purchasing gold coins or diamonds to get better weapons, medipacks, grenades or boosts (like infinite bullets or instant reload), unless you have zen-like patience, of course! There is no option to repeat missions, so you’re stuck with whatever monetary rewards the game gives you and sometimes, it is just not enough to get that upgrade you sorely needed to beat the boss.

Nonetheless, Proto Zombie Pro is still one of the best zombie-killing games out there! So, see ya there and happy zombie hunting!

 e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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