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puzzle craft erapid games review

Puzzle Craft – Game Review

Combining matching games with town building games can be an intricate idea, but Puzzle Craft somehow manages to bring this to reality with the help of some interesting game mechanics. This game is more of an economy simulator and its main resources is tile matching, a mechanic that most mobile game players love.

In Puzzle Craft, your objective is to ensure that your town will rise. For this, you choose what and where to build, how to do it and what actions to perform. Sometimes you will need to mine stones, other times you need to harvest the grain and so on. Despite not being that much of a simulator at first, we were quite impressed to see the valuable game mechanics at work, which turned the game into a real gem.

puzzle cratf erapid games review

The interesting thing is that both portions of the game work really well with each other because you need to match your way in the matching game to the farm, mine and so on. Then you can take the materials you added and start constructing and, once that is done, you go back to get the food you need for your hungry citizens and your always expanding population.

Not only that, but you can even hire workers which, of course, need houses in which they have to live. These workers are split into tiers, with the upper tiers being even better and more productive, of course.

Rest assured though that the game is not easy. Yes, you gain levels and with them access to better structures, but rest assured that overall the game is a real pain because you are limited to the number of moves and matches, so sometimes you will have to play the game multiple times in order to win, which might remove some of the fun.

puzzle cratf erapid games review

There are some other minor problems as well. Sometimes you can lose your bonus items simply by brushing your town hall or fields, which can literally damage the whole game experience. If you are in the match three side and a notification appears in town for a few seconds you will miss it, which is also a little bad for the overall progress of the game.

Graphically though, the game shines and playing it is so much fun. Both game instances are very detailed and overall you just have a lot of fun as you play through the title. Not only that, but animations are stellar and character design is just as good. Moreover, those of us that want a good soundtrack receive it here, since the music is really nice and does provide a good background for the game experience.

puzzle cratf erapid games review

Overall, we found Puzzle Craft to be an amazing puzzle game that everyone needs to play. Yes, it might have some problems, but in the end it does provide you with a lot of interesting choices and good game mechanics that you will enjoy. Play it now and you’ll definitely love it!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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