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Puzzle Retreat – Games Review

Give your head a gentle knock. Did you cough out some dust and cobwebs? Well, it’s high time to give those brain cogs of yours something to run for and what’s better than this nifty little puzzle game, Puzzle Retreat!

Puzzle Retreat may seem like a simple puzzle game because all you have to do is to slide blocks of ice to fill all the holes in the grid provided. Just tap and drag a dotted block in the direction you choose and it will drop ice block or blocks, depending on the number of dots on the block, into any empty hole or holes. For instance, if you see three-squared dots on top of the starting block, then you have to drop three ice blocks into three holes of your choice. In other words, if there’s only one empty hole to the right of a three-squared dots block, then you can’t push your block in that direction.

Puzzle Retreat erapid games review

You can even slide an ice block over another ice block to reach an empty hole. Make sure you leave no holes unfilled in the grid! The puzzle can only be solved when all the holes in the grid are filled up. It may sound simple enough, but when you are presented with various tricky grids to fill up, you’ll change your tune rather quick… and that’s where all the fun is! After all, the tougher the challenge, the sweeter the victory!

The game also provides a range of “buff” blocks that will alter the gameplay rather drastically. For example, arrow blocks will change the direction of any block that runs over it and fire blocks melt any ice they touch. There are also other special blocks, like the stopper block, that will ramp up the challenge… and the real challenge here is that you have to decide the correct order in sliding the blocks. You can take your own sweet time to complete the puzzle as there is no time limit though and that you can “undo” your moves if you realised that you did something wrong. One more special feature is that you can skip to another pack or to another level without any penalty to your game. Therefore, if you are frustrated with a particular puzzle, then go ahead and jump straight into the next puzzle instead!

Puzzle Retreat erapid games review

Furthermore, there is no “3-stars” (or in some other games, 5-stars) requirement for each level and there isn’t even a scoreboard. It’s simply about enjoying and savouring the triumph when you managed to solve a puzzle. Even though there is no hint system to help you whenever you get stuck with a puzzle, you can always click on a button at the top to go online. It will take you to the Facebook fan page for Puzzle Retreat where there are many folks who will be happy to help you out. In addition, Puzzle Retreat’s only form of monetization is from level packs. There are currently eleven puzzle packs available, but only the welcome and morning packs are free to play. Each pack contains more than 20 puzzles so there are plenty puzzles for free-to-play players to enjoy!

In conclusion, Puzzle Retreat is definitely an excellently-developed brain-teasing puzzle game. If you are looking for a game that will give your brain a good run, this is the game for you! Not to mention, if you enjoy the game, you could also spend some real money and purchase more level packs while showing support to the developers!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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