Action packed platformer Quickboy set to release on Android next month

Side scrolling games are really fun because they manage to bring you a wide range of emotions as you try to kill enemies, jump on platforms and just have a lot of fun as you perform a ton of unique tricks. Quickboy is a nice little game that tries to take the normal side-scrolling formula to the next level by adding some action packed fun as well as a wide range of interesting gameplay opportunities in order to keep your missions alert.

Quickboy takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where your only main purpose is to try and survive while perusing a very dangerous and exciting environment at the same time. You get to work with a wide range of interesting characters, each one with their own unique personality.

Of course, the main focus in Quickboy will definitely be the platforming, as you have to build a wide range of drones whose bolts and nuts can be found scattered all over the levels you peruse. Not only that, but the game will also allow you to collect coins if you want to get better results as you play.

Quickboy erapid games news

Upon launch, Quickboy will come with 60 different stages that you can go through, each one bringing its own unique set of challenges. There is a jetpack utility that you can use from time to time which will help you go through the larger gaps, but at the same time the game manages to make you strategize each jump in order to achieve success. Quickboy has a lot of focus on the story as well, because there will be some missions scattered here and there in which you need to save your brother and sometimes even kill zombies in the process.

By the looks of it, all those who want to play Quickboy are in for a treat! The game is close to being out, as it will release next month, and you can already play it in the US! Stay tuned to us for more information!