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quizup erapid games review

QuizUp – Games Review

Think you have what it takes to snag the coveted spot of being the King or Queen of Trivia? Well, you’re in luck! You can test your trivia skills in the biggest trivia game in the world, QuizUp!

Trivia is all about your personal interests. Hence, QuizUp starts by allowing you to choose the topics that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. There are many different topics that you can pick from, ranging from entertainment (games, TV series and movies), sports and music (K-Pop), to the sciences, geology and maths! There are even more obscure ones like 1980s TV series, Indian business logos and even commercials. No pressure though – you’ll get to change them later! You will also need to register for your QuizUp account with your email, Facebook account or GooglePlus account.

Ready to start? Great! Tap into the topic you want and press “play”! Since QuizUp is a multiplayer game, the game will automatically begin searching for a player to match you with. The matchmaking system in this game doesn’t take in account of your levels, so you may end up facing a veteran quizzer… if you’re unlucky. Thankfully though, due to the game’s huge player base, you will always get a match rather quickly, especially for the more popular topics.

quizup erapid games review

Loading may take awhile, but soon, you’ll be right in the heat of a match with another human player! The game allows you a few seconds to rapidly read the question before showing you a list of 4 answers. Once the answer is shown, the clock will be started instantly. The faster you answer, the more points you’ll score! Every seconds count in this game, so hesitation is not exactly an option, especially when you’re more than 80% sure of the answer!

The correct answer will then be shown in green while the wrong answer in red, and scores will be awarded. There are 10 questions in total per match with 1 bonus question at the end. Questions are challenging and even if you’re good in a topic, there will definitely be things that you won’t know/ care about. This applies to all the topics in this game!

After a match concludes, you can ask for a rematch or share the many stats the game provides. QuizUp keeps close track of your wins and losses against the same opponent. If you do somehow meet up with the same opponent again one day, the tally will be added to. Once you’ve played several rounds of matches, you will have earned enough experience points to level up. When your level reached a certain milestone, you will earn titles in the game.

quizup erapid games review

QuizUp also provides a nifty social media aspect that is like a hybrid of Instagram and Twitter. You can share related materials there, such as comics or funny memes, with other people of similar interests. You can also meet new friends from your country by checking out the “people” tab. If you enjoy playing against a person or you simply just enjoy his/her posts, you can follow them. Other people can follow you back too!

The only downside is that QuizUp removed its single player mode after updating itself to this new version. Thus, you are unable to challenge yourself and try to beat your own high score. However, the reasoning behind removing single player mode is pretty valid – after all, you can’t have players memorizing all the answers, no matter how huge your question bank is!

In short, QuizUp is an exciting multiplayer trivia game with a crazy load of topics that you can test yourself in! Do you have what it takes to be the best?

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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