New information about Random Heroes 3 has been revealed

random heroes 3 erapid games news

The Random Heroes series has always been about fast paced platforming, shooting and a plethora of enemies to destroy while you go through the hassle of finding and killing the enemy at hand. The new entry in the series, named Random Heroes 3 will take us through new worlds and we will even encounter a lot of new enemies, but it’s safe to say that there will be quite a lot of new additions.

Just like in the previous games, we will also have the opportunity to choose a special character while also being able to gain new weapons which come with their own upgrades and unlocks. It’s safe to say that the gameplay up to this point simply looks fast paced.

random heroes 3 erapid games news

The previous titles had a great level design, but the developers promise that this particular title will knock it out of the park when it comes to visual fidelity. It will be interesting to see how much advantage they will take from the 8-bit graphics, but from the images we can really say that there’s a lot to expect from the game.

Since the previous titles were just so good when it comes to fast paced platforming, we do hope that the latest installment in the series will be at least as good as the earlier versions. The ability to angle your shots will return, and so will the great boss fights that were the heart and soul of the series.

All in all, we have high hopes when it comes to Random Heroes 3. There isn’t that much information available, at least not for the moment. We don’t have a release date set for the title yet, but from what we see right now the game is well worth the wait, so we encourage you to give the previous games a shot while we wait for this.