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rayman fiesta run erapid games review

Rayman Fiesta Run – Game Review

Infinite running games have always enticed the gamers to put their skills to the test as they try to complete levels that get more and more complicated. Rayman Fiesta Run however is an infinite running game that takes things to a whole new level thanks to a great gameplay, interesting visuals as well as numerous other features.

Right from the start you will see that Rayman Fiesta Run is a gorgeous looking game. The graphic detail that went in the creation of this particular title is simply insane. The backgrounds are stunning, the character models are polished and the animations perform seamlessly, creating a game world that you are proud of exploring.

rayman fiesta run erapid games review

The gameplay is also very good as well. Just like in the other new Rayman games, your objective is to rescue teensies in order to open up as many levels as possible. However, in order to gent the tensies you will have to complete each stage and get as many lums as possible. The game has numerous characters to unlock, but no matter the character you control, the gameplay still remains the same and relies on collecting lums, freeing tensies and unlocking the new stages. Despite having a lot of repeatability, the gameplay is quite fast paced and fun.

The progression system is interesting, because instead of the normal beat a level, unlock the next one you will have to unlock nodes. Each node you unlock will open new spaces. This type of leveling is better because this way if you are stuck on a level you will continue with the next one, which is really helpful.

What we liked really much is the fact that you will receive power-ups from time to time, but only in those levels where you need it, which is really nice, because otherwise you would waste them.

Once you get 3 stars in a level, a new version of the level, called Invaded appears. This basically brings a remixed version of the level, as well as new enemies. The layouts are so greatly changed sometimes so you will feel them as being new levels rather than a simple remix, which is quite impressive to say the least.

rayman fiesta run erapid games review

Even if Rayman Fiesta Run is an infinite running game at heart, Rayman still has his punching, gliding and wall run moves that he can use while playing. The most fun you have in a level is discovering how a level plays out. There aren’t any new abilities for Rayman, but the gameplay is really fun and exciting as is, so the need for new abilities is certainly diminished.

Sound-wise, Rayman Fiesta Run brings the same funny soundtrack that you expect from a Rayman game, which is amazing. Overall, the sounds are greatly implemented in the game as they immerse you even more in the game’s unique world.

In the end, Rayman Fiesta Run is definitely a great achievement when it comes to infinite running games, so if you want a great title with good graphics and an exciting gameplay, then Rayman Fiesta Run is a game that you don’t want to miss!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9.5/10

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