Red Ball 4 – Keep Rolling

Red Ball 4 erapid games review

Red Ball 4 – Games Review

The fourth sequel of the highly popular game, Red Ball 4, brings you once again to its beautiful, immersive and physics-based virtual world. This time, the evil box monster is trying to force all balls to change into box shapes in its box factory. The balls desperately need your help! Can you guide the heroic red ball across vast plains and forests to save its fellow balls from the big bad box monster?

The controls in this game are very simple to learn. You can move the red ball left and right by using the left and right keys on the lower left corner of the screen. You can also make your ball bounce by tapping the circle button on the lower right corner of the screen. The gameplay utilises a lot of real life physics, including momentum, the bouncing motion of the ball as well as gravity.

Red Ball 4 erapid games review

The objective in Red Ball 4 is fairly straightforward – what you need to do is get your ball safely to the next level. There are plenty of obstacles, such as swinging platforms, bodies of water or deep pits that you will have to get through, to challenge you as well as box monsters to destroy or avoid! There are also puzzles whereby you will have to work out how to use the items provided to get your ball to, for instance, a very high ledge.

Furthermore, all the levels in a stage is continuous, or in other words, linked together. This means that you will seamlessly continue on to the next level after you’ve reached the end of the previous level, indicated by a small red flag. The game has a total of 3 different stages, namely green hills, deep forest and box factory, with a fourth stage, battle for the moon, coming out soon! Each new stage will require a certain number of gold medals to unlock and these gold medals can be earned by successfully completing levels in the current stage. However, if you cannot wait, you could also unlock new stages earlier by paying some real cash.

Red Ball 4 is not exactly a very difficult game and it is not exactly an easy one either. The key factor to success in this game is the ability to have absolute control over your red ball. However, do expect to have plenty of ‘darn it’ moments. Every time your ball falls to its doom, you will lose 1 life. There are a total of 5 lives given and each life lost can be regained every 15 minutes. Nonetheless, if you want to get lives faster, you can choose to watch videos to get them refilled instantly or you can even go premium for unlimited lives!

Red Ball 4 erapid games review

Achievements in Red Ball 4 can be rather hard to obtain. However, if you managed to achieve some of them, you can earn yourself some stars. These stars can then be used as currency to purchase new ball models. So, if red is just not your colour, you can easily swap it out for something that you like with enough stars.

All in all, Red Ball 4 is an amazingly fun 2D platform puzzle game that employs realistic physics. The gameplay is extremely engaging as well as challenging at times, making the game rather addictive to play. If you love this sort of games, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on Red Ball 4! I guarantee you won’t regret it!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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