Red Energy – another crashing game

red energy erapid games review

Red Energy – Game Review

Minimalist games have their own appeal, as they try to bring a new and interesting approach to great ideas. The exact thing is happening with Red energy, a title where you have to perform various tasks in order to complete the level.

The interesting thing in this game is that you will have to collect the red power that falls out of the red blocks using only a small number of shots. While this might sound like a simple mechanic, rest assured though that the more you play, the higher the challenges will be, and in the end you will restart the levels countless times in order to achieve the desired result.

red energy erapid games review

A very helpful mechanic can be found as you approach the levels, since you can easily push the white blocks in order to topple the red ones. Even if it might look hard to perform at first, rest assured though that the difficulty will increase tremendously as you play, providing you with countless challenges as you are set to explore the games.

We found the interface to be neatly designed and with enough helpful information. You get to know the time scale, the amount of energy that you currently, have, as well as special buttons for shooting and jumping which do come in handy while playing.

The first shot that you take when you enter the level is free, unfortunately the more shots you take, the higher the amount of energy that you will lose.

red energy erapid games review

This is actually the main purpose of the game, to make you play more and more, even strategize in order to find the best ways to complete a level without losing too much energy. Since many levels have a certain energy requirement, it can be close to impossible sometimes to finish every level in one shot, although our experience shows that with enough care and dedication, you might be able to win all levels.

The control scheme is quite interesting and certainly rewarding, with lots of nice addition to the gameplay mechanics. You move your character which is a large ball in the game world and you will also be able to move the gun pointer in such a way so that you will see exactly where your gun will fire.

All in all, we found Red energy to be a very interesting game with lots of potential and an intricate set of game mechanics. While it might not be the best arcade and skill game on Google Play, it does manage to bring some very interesting mechanics that you will certainly enjoy. In conclusion, since the game it’s free, we recommend you to give it a try right away, as you will like it.

e-Rapid Games review: 6/10

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