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retry erapid games review

RETRY – Games Review

Less than a year ago, a game named Flappy Bird appeared on the market which was plain simple when it came to the graphics and ore gameplay ideas, however the gameplay in itself was one of the most challenging ones that you were able to find in the last few years within the gaming environment. RETRY, a game created by the Angry Birds developers is set to capitalize on the popularity that the genre has right now, providing us with a one of a kind plane controlling experience.

Right from the start you can see that RETRY has an 8-bit feel, in fact all of the graphics and the whole atmosphere just seems taken from an arcade machine. In this game you will have to complete different levels, which gradually increase their difficulty, and your only objective is to get to the end of the level as fast as possible and in one piece.

retry erapid games review

You will have the opportunity to browse the large game world at your own pace and perform a save whenever you feel necessary as long as you spend a coin. Yes, the monetization aspect comes when you want to save, which is quite frustrating because without saving you will have to go through the level countless times and that might not be the best idea in the end. On the other hand, you do find coins scattered in the game’s world from time to time, so there’s that.

These saves can be performed only when you go through a tiny airport, and that’s the only place where you can touch the ground during the levels. Aside from that, whenever you touch the ground you will have to retry the level. This mechanic, although plain simple, does wonders within the game and it helps us better understand the intricate game mechanics presented here.

Everything in this game is a challenge, but the neat thing is that we didn’t find it frustrating at all, despite the repeated game mechanics. The graphics are also minimalistic, although very beautiful. We found each level to be interesting on its own, so the level design is definitely stellar and well worth a praise. A very good soundtrack that brings a similar style complements the 8-bit graphics.

retry erapid games review

Collecting coins can prove to be a challenge as you play, but the game does offer you a lot of unique instances in which you can perform stunts and control your aircraft the way you want, so it’s very neat to see how the whole process takes place.

In conclusion, RETRY is one of the best games similar to Flappy Bird that came out this year. It’s good looking, plays amazingly well and it manages to create its own style instead of being a clone. If you want a tough as nails gameplay and some amazing gameplay moments, we recommend that you give this game a try!

e_Rapid Games Rate: 9/10

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