Road Madman or the gory version of Frogger

Road Madman erapid games news

It seems that the Frogger style games are getting back in force right now, with Crossy Roads being very popular nowadays. However, unlike the aforementioned game that features a lot of humor as well as interesting visuals, Road Madman is more of a top down Frogger clone that puts a lot of emphasis on gore.

Yes, you can view your character from upside in more of a GTA II-esque manner and the whole idea is to get as further as you can without dying. Cars are coming left and right so there is a lot of challenge to be had if you choose to play this.

Road Madman erapid games news

Road Madman offers you two different game modes, which are Classic and Increased, with the latter being more difficult. Still, the highest selling point of Road Madman is definitely its stunning amount of gore. The game is filled with a lot of blood and numerous interesting design decisions made here and there.

Sure, having lots of blood in such a game just doesn’t suit any person, especially kids, but in the end the game experience here is very fun and well worth downloading. Road Madman is a stunning experience that every person will definitely appreciate, although there are a few glitches here and there.

Road Madman erapid games news

Having a gore filled Frogger might not have been on our list, but the simplistic gameplay and the large amount of fun we can have with this title certainly recommends it in this regard. If you want a wonderful gore filled game with a ton of interesting design decisions and a plethora of regions to explore, then Road Madman is well worth a download, so get it now on Google Play.

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