Rolld takes endless running to a new level

Roll'd erapid games news

Usually in an endless running game, the recipe is simple, you have a character that has to be guided through the game world in order to acquire coins and overcome a wide range of dangers. With Roll’d, things are different because you don’t control anything else other than the track. You will need to beat the records and continually try in order to achieve the highest scores at all times.

One of the interesting things about this game are definitely the graphics, which not only look really nice, but who provide a widely interesting and funny game world filled with dangers and a ton of stuff to do.

Roll'd erapid games news

The gameplay is alert because controlling the environment is very demanding. There are 3 nice control schemes to help you in this regard and the gameplay is largely addictive, something you are going to enjoy immediately. Being able to access and try to defeat people on the leaderboards can be considered the icing on the crop, but at the same time things such as the original soundtrack, varying weather and the one of a kind atmosphere make the game a one of a kind take on the genre.

Roll'd erapid games news

It’s hard to find an endless runner that brings something different, because most of them use the classic recipe which does pertain quite nicely to the mobile environment. It’s nice to have such a game appear on the mobile platforms, and playing Roll’d is definitely something a lot different than other experiences. It’s a very good idea to give this game a try, specifically since it brings in quite a lot of value from a gameplay standpoint! Roll’d has something new and interesting, which you are bound to like!

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