Roller Cactus 3D spikes its way to Google Play

Cactus on rollerblades? This might seem like a bad joke at first, but rest assured that it’s not anything like that! We are talking about an actual game that has the name Roller Cactus 3D but which does provide a very interesting, quite extraordinary experience. The main idea in Roller Cactus 3D is simple, you have to peruse the game world with your cactus on roller-skates, and from time to time you will encounter walls.

When you do get face to face with these walls, you will need to select the proper shape to go through them, otherwise you will perform a cactusality and just destroy your cactus.

Roller Cactus 3D erapid games news

So, despite the name, Roller Cactus 3D is quite an interesting shape matching experience that has been created to help people test their skills. As you progress, you will see that more and more obstacles will appear, with the game becoming more and more challenging.

What’s to like here is the sheer simplicity of the game and the fact that you will thoroughly appreciate the unique and fun gameplay that comes with this game. Of course, the idea is far from being original, but this doesn’t mean that there’s no fun to be had, in fact the game is very funny and quite exciting.

Roller Cactus 3D erapid games news

The main benefit here is that, alongside having a great time, you won’t have to fear any in-app purchases or any pesky permissions, it’s just a fun little game that you can enjoy on your own, without restrictions.

Roller Cactus 3D is free and funny, so if you do like shape matching games, it might be a good idea to check it out, you can get it from the link below!

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