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rotate erapid games review

Rotate – Games Review

Rotate by Lemon Jam is a free-to-play game, available both for iOS and Android, where the aim is to get as high a score as possible within 35 seconds by hopping your tiny yellow square from one rotating circle to the other!

The world in Rotate is very simple. Every object in it is in constant motion. Most of them are in circular motion while some are in a linear motion. Due to this, you’ll have to jump your yellow square from one ‘stop’ to the other with a single tap anywhere on the screen in order to survive! In fact, this simple game reminds me of a planet-hopping spaceship’s path of trajectory from one planet to another in dark space. The rotating circles can be likened to revolving planets in the solar system.

As you’re jumping from one rotating circle to another, you try to collect little red or green dots along the way which will add to your score. It may sound simple or easy but believe me… simple it is, but easy it is not. There are also fixed yellow cannons which are placed in a pre-set direction. If your yellow square landed on one of these, it will then be launched in the fixed direction where the cannons are pointed at… and sometimes, that location is not exactly where you would want your little yellow square to be!

rotate erapid games review

Besides missing the circles you’re targeting and being shot into the inky darkness of the infinite space, there are also various other obstacles and challenges in this game. For starters, any rotating circles on the edge of the screen will dump your orbiting yellow square out into the space if you failed to jump it, before it is rotated out from the screen. There are also spiky-looking objects that will not bode well for the survival of your small square – do avoid them at all costs!

To make playing Rotate even more difficult, some rotating circle rotate at a faster speed than others. Some can also disappear if you wait too long without jumping. There are big and small circles too. Of course, small circles are more difficult to reach safely since you’ll need a better aim and timing.

While most of the circles are rotating in a fixed spot, some may even move horizontally in a left right motion, making the game much more challenging. You don’t have much time to think or plan before you jump because the circle disappears or it rotates you to the edge of the screen. Where to jump to is usually a split second decision. The game is that frantic! Your hand and eye coordination needs to be really fast! Once you get a score that you can brag about, feel free to share your score on your many social media sites!

rotate erapid games review

Thankfully, the game helps you out, albeit a tiny bit, by providing you with a slow-mo meter. As you keep earning points, the meter will be filled up. Once it’s full, you can tap it to slow down time, making jumps much easier. Not to mention, each time you die, you will restart in a different layout of rotating circles, thus each play through is always kept fresh and exciting!

Rotate is a very addictive game because it is so simple to play (though difficult to master), is loads of fun and challenging. This is the sort of game that will keep you coming back for more!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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