Rovio steps aside from the Angry Birds formula with Sky Punks

sky punks erapid games news

Rovio is a game that has managed for quite some time to be identified as the developer of Angry Birds, but they have created and published numerous other games aside from that. It seems that pretty soon they are going to launch Sky Punks, alongside two new Angry Birds games. However, the new Sky Punks is something interesting because it’s an endless running where you need to explore a planet and collect as many items as you can while avoiding the obstacles and enemies that come in front of you.

sky punks erapid games news

You control a sky pun that you want to play and then zoom in order to get the collectibles and other items. The game allows you to use a different punk each time you play, but the best part about it is the fact that you will gain new abilities and bonuses, so there are tons of incentives to be had here.

The bikes and the outfits are customizable, but what’s interesting here is that you don’t have to resort to in-app purchases in order to get them, as these can be received via simple gameplay sessions.

sky punks erapid games news

Based on the way it looks, Sky Punks is pretty much like a Temple Run on steroids with a sci-fi feel to it. It looks like a very fun and exciting game, but we do have some problems when it comes to the controls, as this is the major issue that most mobile racing games have.

With numerous unlocks, a lot of variety and the ability to compete with rivals in order to become the best racer, Sky Punks seems pretty fun. As long as Rovio gets the controls right, this game can turn out to be quite a good one, so we look forward to see the results!

  • Sean Megaw

    Hi e-rapidgames – thanks for the quick review. Can you send me a message on our Facebook page at about the control issues you had? Obviously we would like to fix any concerns before full launch. Thanks so much!