Royal Escape – can you escape?

royal escape erapid games review

Royal Escape  – Games Review

You are needed, detective! The Queen’s rubies are stolen and in their haste to escape, the robbers dropped the rubies, like a trail, everywhere they went. It’ll take all of your keen eyesight and observant nature to solve this case! Think you can crack it and apprehend the robbers?

In this exciting new escape game, Royal Escape, you will need to collect items that are cleverly concealed. You’ll then need to use them or combine them with other items to uncover clues. These clues are vital to solve puzzles or to crack codes in order to escape from the room you’re locked in while in hot pursuit of the robbers. Every room scene will also have a Queen’s ruby or two hidden in it – see if you can spot them! After all, your job is not only to capture those robbers, but to return the rubies to the Queen as well! Furthermore, every one of these levels is beautifully illustrated with scenes from the 18th century of England and there will always some eye-candy for you to feast your eyes on!

royal escape erapid games review

Although there are no free hints in Royal Escape, you will probably not need them as the game can be considered as fairly easy. Level 1 to 4 can be completed rather rapidly, though there are several rather tricky parts in the game after level 5. If you’re stuck in any part of the game, you can always refer to the walkthroughs that they have graciously provided in Royal Escape with linked videos for you to watch. Personally, I’ve managed to finish the game in under an hour without the need for a walkthrough. It’s really not too hard at all!

There are up to 9 different levels for you to escape from in Royal Escape for free! However, if you would like to support the game, you could always purchase their bonus packs for additional levels (up to a maximum of 15 levels) or to unlock the secret room. If you find the ads a tad bit annoying, why not spend a little to remove the ads and indirectly support the game as well!

royal escape erapid games review

In short, Royal Escape is an extremely fun escape game that is not too hard, to the point where you give up in frustration, or too easy, whereby you will just breeze through every room like taking a candy from a child. It also has very beautiful graphics. So, what are you waiting for? A conspiracy is afoot! Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes and help the Queen retrieve her priceless rubies in the game, Royal Escape, today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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