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Royal Revolt – Games Review

During medieval times, various factions all over the world fought for power, glory and expansion. Royal Revolt is a game that expands on that premise as it pits you face to face with an enemy and your main purpose is to defeat him at all costs in order to win, and you can do that by attacking and destroying his castle.

The gameplay in Royal Revolt is very simple. You start with your hero and a few troops, then as time passes in the level, you will have the opportunity to increase your arsenal with the help of mages, archers, melee fighters and so on. What we liked in Royal Revolt is the fact that each level has interesting mechanics on its own and a daring approach. Yes, depending on the game world you choose to play you might find the level design very repetitive at times, but this doesn’t draw too much from the appeal that the game provides.

Royal Revolt erapid games review

But the troops that follow you aren’t just simple punching bags. In fact, not at all, because you can upgrade them without any problem. Upgraded minions are much more powerful and they will help you destroy your enemies faster.

Your character will level up as you play, and it has a ton of customization options that you need to go through. It’s important to stick to your style of gameplay however and up those skills that do matter in that particular regard.

The game’s large map is colorful and filled with tons of levels. From time to time, an extra level will pop up in the game, and these extras usually tend to bring more gold rewards or other neat stuff.

We found the in-app purchases to be quite expensive and, especially in the later stages of the game, they become a necessity, which is a bad thing.

Royal Revolt erapid games review

The overall the gameplay is alert and very interesting, with tons of twists and turns. Destroying the towers and getting to the enemy castle is hard, especially considering the fact that the enemy is attacking at all times.

It’s important to note that Royal Revolt comes with a very good interface. You see the progress bar of the level in the top site of the screen, and from there you can also check out the level and abilities of your character. In the lower side you can use the special abilities that your character currently has or, if you want, you can hire new mercenaries to join your band.

Graphically, Royal Revolt is very interesting and that’s perfectly fine. It looks and plays great, with good animations and unique character design. The soundtrack doesn’t manage to stand out , but it is very good as well as it suits the game’s theme.

Overall, we found Royal Revolt to be an open, fun and highly entertaining game. It might not be complex like other mobile games, but thanks to its simplicity it manages to introduce a neat gameplay that will keep you playing for hours upon hours.

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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