Running Circles – Circle Madness

Running Circles erapid games review

Running Circles – Games Review

Running Circles by Boombit Games is an extremely challenging and is one of the most reflex-testing puzzle games that I’ve ever played. It will certainly keep you hooked for hours on end! Interested? Well, do read on!

The game offers you 2 different difficulties, namely easy and normal modes, as well as 2 separate game modes – single player and multiplayer. For difficulty modes though, you are only allowed the normal mode for free. If you want to tone down the difficulty setting, you’ll have to pay for the full game instead! Thankfully though, no such restriction is imposed on its game modes.

In single player, you’ll be playing randomly generated puzzles while in multiplayer, you and a human opponent, either a friend or a stranger, will be competing with each other to get the highest score on the same puzzle, but of course, both of you won’t be able to see how well (or bad) the other person did until the results came out at the end. The multiplayer games are not strictly in real-time – you can send multiple challenges out to your friends and wait for them to return your challenge in time. Since this game may need a bit of getting sued to, I would personally recommend starting with the single player mode.

Running Circles erapid games review

Running Circles does not provide any tutorial. Instead, you will have to find out how to play the game yourself through trial and error. The game will start off with your character moving along the very first circle in a chain of circles. What you will have to do is to tap on the screen when your character is at the spot where both circles connect to let your character hop into the next circle while making sure that you’re collecting as many gems as you can along the way!

If you tap on anywhere but that narrow area in between the circles, your character will hop outwards instead and will start moving along the outside of the circle. This is particularly useful when there are gems outside the circle that you want to collect or just simply to avoid an enemy. However, you have to be careful and hop inwards before the spot where both circles connect comes up or your character will be crushed. Your character will not be able to leap to the next circle while he is on the outside of the circle though! Instead, you have to get him to jump inside the circle before moving on to the next circle.

To add a sense of urgency to the game, the circles in Running Circles contain a solid circle in the middle. This solid circle will expand gradually as you character move around the circle line. If you didn’t manage to hop to the next circle before the solid circle fills up the circle your character is on, your character will be crushed. Naturally, bigger circles mean you will have a longer in-between time before you’ll need to jump and vice versa.

Running Circles erapid games review

The gems you’ve earned by playing either single player or multiplayer games can then be spend at the shop to buy other adorable block figures that you can play with. The game offers quite a lot of characters that you can buy, such as a parrot, a robber and even a hamburger! If you need more gems, you can complete their partner offers, get out your credit card or log in daily for your gem gifts.

In short, Running Circles is a fun yet challenging reflex-based puzzle game that is suitable for everybody. Try it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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  • BMN

    Sorry, there is a tutorial. A quick one, to be sure, but there is one that explains the basics of the game.

    • Dariusz Mazur

      Ahh ok – sorry for my mistake :)