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ruzzle adventure erapid games review

Ruzzle Adventure – Games Review

Based on the original Ruzzle, Ruzzle Adventure is a free-to-play word game that is so fun and addictive to play. In this game, you are given four worlds to go through. Your adventure will take you through the colourful terrains of the forest, the swamp, the volcano and area 42. What’s best is each of these places is filled with challenging word puzzles and the gameplay for these puzzles changes as the terrain changes.

To form words in Ruzzle Adventures, you just have to swipe either up, down or diagonally across the tiles. Every letter contains a point value, with consonants usually having more points than vowels. Each letter you used is added to your overall score. You should always try to form words with tiles that give multipliers like x2, x4 or more. The higher the multiplier the better obviously. If you are tasked to find 10 words in 15 moves, then you must try your best to find all the 10 best words with the least number of moves in order to get yourself that high score! There are also challenging boss levels, but if you use bombs and hit the boss with them, even the most challenging boss can be easily overcome. No quarter is given!

Ruzzle Adventure erapid games review

It’s really easy to complete a level, but to get 3 gold stars? Well, that will take some really good word-forming skills. This is because 3 stars will only be given if you managed to solve the word puzzle with the best words and score. If not, please don’t despair – You are allowed to retry the level until you get better scores, so good luck!

To make things interesting, there’re four types of boosters that you can unlock in Ruzzle Adventure. For instance, the swap booster gives you the opportunity to swap a letter in a tile, while the bomb booster, when activated, can blow a whole column of letters from the puzzle to give you some extra points. Cool, isn’t it? There is also a super jump booster that is really useful to escape the rising water in the ‘escape from the well’ game mode. The shuffle booster, on the other hand, enables you to shuffle all the tiles on the game board. In short, boosters can really be helpful if you find yourself in a pickle, or if you’re stuck on a particularly challenging level. However, you will need coins to unlock these boosters.

As with all free-to-play games, there’s a catch – the developers need to make a living after all! You start the game with five lives, and every time you fail, one life is used up. These lives replenish at the rate of roughly one every 30 minutes, thus, if you’re the impatient sort, you’ll probably be the first to take out your credit card. Nonetheless, I find that you can still have lots of fun playing this game for free without making any purchases. All you need to do is be patient or you could always beg your Facebook friends to send you lives.

ruzzle adventure erapid games review

The only downside to this game is that the game consider certain curse words as, well, words, while normal words like ‘this’ are considered as invalid. Due to this, the game can be frustrating sometimes.

All in all though, Ruzzle Adventure is a good word-search game that, although is not exactly comparable to established titles like Bookworm, has plenty of puzzle variety and is able to provide some casual and fun word-making experience. This is a game that wordies would definitely enjoy. Try it today!

e-Rapid Games  rate: 7/10

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