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Sancho Ponchek – Games Review

Do you love to eat Poncheks the jam-filled donut that Poland is so famous for? Well, if you do (or even if you don’t), you might want to check out this fun and old-school idle RPG, Sancho Ponchek!

In this game, you’ll be taking control of Sancho Ponchek, a moustached Ponchek that wields, rather proficiently I might add, a wooden spoon. You’ll then need to move him around map via the movement controls provided at the bottom right side of the screen. Somewhat similar to another old-but-gold game, Diablo, you’ll need to navigate Sancho through levels of underground dungeons that are filled with forkrests that hides mini-poncheks that you can free as well as a plethora of baddies. These baddies are, of course, designed with pastry in mind. Some examples of these mobs include zombie buns that are called Zombums or bone donuts that are called Bonuts.

Interestingly, Sancho Ponchek provides some really tough mobs such as the Jampire, a cross between jam and vampire that unfortunately has an intense liking for Poncheks. Jampires can restore their health every 2 turns and a fight with these jampires can be really tough especially if you don’t have a large health pool. There is also a boss, the pigeon Golomb, that you can try to defeat (note: the boss hits really hard) and side dungeons that you can explore once you reached the required level.

Sancho Ponchek erapid games review

The game even provides treasure chests that you can open by running onto the grid that holds the chest to obtain certain randomised equipable item. The item can be a damage or defense-boosting ring, or even a better wooden spoon. If the item you get is better than what you currently have on, the game will automatically equip the item for you.

Like all RPGs, Sancho Ponchek offers up to 4 quests for you. Whenever you complete any one of these quests, you can tap on them to collect your rewards, which usually consist of bonus stats for damage or health. The completed quest will then be replaced with another new quest. Quests can be rather challenging to complete though in this game, but they are worth the effort!

Your hero, Sancho Ponchek, also offers up to 4 different skills that you can unlock and upgrade. To unlock new skills, you’ll need to reach the required level of dungeon while to upgrade a skill, you’ll need to spend the experience points you’ve earned. There are 2 ways you can upgrade a skill. For instance, the first skill you’ll get is “Increase chance of earning experience points per move”. For upgrades, you can choose either to increase the chance (or percentage) or you can increase the amount of experience points earned of the skill. Furthermore, for every upgrade, the cost of the next upgrade will increase drastically as well.

Sancho Ponchek erapid games review

In addition to hero skills, at your bakery (home base), you can even bake a new and better Ponchek for Sancho that will significantly increase his damage and health. To do so, you’ll need to collect flour that drops from mobs you’ve killed. Flour can also be earned passively over time, similar to experience points, since well, this game is an idle RPG after all!

In short, Sancho Ponchek is a very well-developed, old-school-type idle RPG/dungeon-crawler that is rather challenging yet fun to play. If you’re a fan of idle RPGs, you’ll definitely enjoy Sancho Ponchek! Play it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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