SaruTobi is an iOS game that tips you in bitcoins

SaruTobi erapid games news

We all know that the bitcoin market has become a massive thing nowadays, in fact the cryptocurrency is now used in a wide range of environments and marketplaces all over the world. However, we were astonished to see that a game not only is available for free, but it also provides you with a small amount of bitcoins for playing it. Called SaruTobi, this game is about a funny monkey that wants to fly as further as possible in order to get results.

SaruTobi erapid games news

And that is all that the game does, in fact you don’t need to do more than actually build up as much momentum as you can in order to get the best possible result. There are numerous power-ups in the game that you can grab by collecting bitcoins, and these include a rocket, glider and springs.

Gathering bitcoins is one thing, but SaruTobi will actually provide you with a small tip for playing, a tip that is paid in the form of bitcoins. Sure, the bitcoins are nice and all, but you don’t get that much, in fact you just receive something close to $0.03, still this is more than enough if you consider that it’s handed for free.

SaruTobi erapid games news

Although no one knows why the developer does such a thing, instead of actually asking for donations since the game is free, you can rest assured that SaruTobi is still a neat game that is well worth checking. It doesn’t really matter if SaruTobi’s bitcoin flick is made to promote the game or it’s just a thank you note from the developer, but it does show that some people are indeed grateful for the gaming community, and that’s why trying out the SaruTobi game might be a great homage for this great developer.

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