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SAS Zombie Assault 4 erapid games review

SAS Zombie Assault 4 – Games Review

Itching for some zombie-killing action after watching the latest episode of the Walking Dead? SAS Zombie Assault 4 has exactly the thing for you! It is a free-to-play top down twin stick shooter. In this game, you, as an SAS specialist, have to battle a zombie outbreak while progressing through various levels, shooting and dispatching zombies to zombie hell. At the same time, you’ll need to save survivors and complete other missions along the way.

You start the game either as a medic, an assault or a heavy. Each class has their different abilities. For instance, the medic can heal quickly besides being rather deadly in dealing damage while the assault type can be used where speed and violence is required. The heavy soldier, on the other hand, has special skills which is ideal for delivering overwhelming force to the zombies.

Controls are pretty straightforward in this game though. There is a rather large round button on the left for movements and another on the right for firing your weapons. There is also a smaller health button next to the movement button and a small grenade button next to the shoot button on the right. However, the movement controls can be a bit clumsy and not very responsive. For example, turning your character to face zombies coming from the opposite direction can be rather difficult.

SAS Zombie Assault 4 erapid games review

The game primarily consists of going on missions and completing them by killing hordes of zombies – and trust me, this game has plenty of them brain-eaters for you to annihilate! There are the regulars, which shouldn’t pose much of a trouble, except when they gang up on you. There are also more unique zombies that may remind you of the zombies in Left4Dead. They include the acid-spitting zombies and the boss zombies, which are humongous in size! Some zombies are as innovative as the zombies in Plants vs Zombies and will carry a shield to protect themselves from your bullets.

With the money you’ve earned from missions, you can buy yourself a new gun from the game’s huge cache of weaponries if you like! Buying grenades is useful as well… due to the fact that they can blow up tons of zombies in one go! You will also need to replenish your ammo from time to time – you can choose between high damage bullets or the normal type.

Furthermore, in this game, you can choose to play offline, in single player mode, or online co-op multiplayer mode. Single player involves solo Alien Shooter-esque gameplay, while in multiplayer mode, you get to team up with friends for private matches via social networks.

SAS Zombie Assault 4 erapid games review

Although the game does contain in-app purchases (like every other free-to-play mobile games), it is entirely optional. Of course, if you have the money to spare, then you can get yourself some truly nice stuff there. For instance, you can buy revives, which can revive you after you are killed in the game. Besides that, you can also buy combo packs, strongboxes or cred packs at the store. Combo packs gives you an edge when on a mission because it equips you with armour, grenades, and weapons… All the stuff needed to ensure a successful mission.

In conclusion, SAS Zombie Assault 4 is a frantic and exciting zombie-shooting game that may remind players of the classic Alien Shooter games. Despite its rather difficult-to-master movement controls, the game promises hours of fun-filled zombie massacre. So, if you’re itching to put some zombies down, this is the game for you! Try it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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