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Scuba Dupa – Game Review

When it comes to mobile games, it can be quite hard to innovate because there are so many games in the mobile markets that tackle with almost any of the themes out there. From time to time though, a new developer comes in that’s not afraid to push the boundaries even further and innovate with a new title. This is the exact case of Scuba Dupa, a casual game where your only purpose is to dive deep into the sea and gather pearls with the help of Helmut, a professional diver.

scuba dupa erapid games review

Right from the start you will see that there is a lot of fun to be had with this game, thanks to its cute, appealing graphics. The animations in this game are really fluid and the characters are just a joy to watch. The sounds in this game complement the title nicely, as you will encounter a lot of lush, funny tunes that will accompany you as you dive deeper and deeper into the ocean.

But the gameplay is not only about fun, it’s mostly about your precision and how much further you can guide Helmut. While it can be easy at first, like most good mobile games it requires quite a lot of time to master, which is indeed great.

The main purpose in the game is to collect as many gold as possible, however there will be a lot of enemies out there that will try to stand in your way, and that is definitely not a good thing.

Navigating through the narrow rock passage is really fun in the game and the controls work as expected, as you are able to control your dive fairly easy, either by tilting your device or tapping the screen. The gameplay, as expected, is loads of fun and you will definitely enjoy everything that this title has to offer. An interesting mechanic is the fact that you can challenge your friends into a match, in order to see who gets the best score, and that can be really fun to say the least.

scuba dupa erapid games review

Just like most mobile games, Scuba Dupa is also a freemium title, which means that you will have the option to pay real money for in-game items. Although it’s not mandatory, by paying real money you will have a much easier gameplay. However, if you like to be challenged, then playing the game without paying anything is always a good option.

In the end, Scuba Dupa is a diverse, unique game that will definitely appeal to all types of gamers. It’s lots of fun and all people will have a blast as they go further and further in their quest for reaching the higher score. We recommend that you give it a shot, especially since you can download it free of charge.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10