Shadow Fight 2 – mobile battle game

shadow fight 2 erapid games review

Shadow Fight 2 – Game Review

Many of us like martial arts and ninjas for a good reason. They offer us a model to aspire for, as they are committed to their idea, they are always faithful to their cause and without regrets. Shadow Fight 2 is a game that allows us to take the role of a ninja and battle other ninjas in an arena.

You are basically controlling a shadowy ninja whose face we cannot see. All we see is the shadow of the ninja, the controls and attacks, as well as a health bar for you and your opponent.

Rest assured though that despite the bizarre graphics choice, the game looks amazing and fighting the incredibly modeled characters. All the maneuvers and animations that you can perform in the game are actually depicting real life ninja moves, which provide a great authenticity.

shadow fight 2 erapid games review

The physics engine in the game is amazing as it basically enables you to see exactly what damage your attacks can create. This is also dubbed by the great animations as well as other design choices that really make the whole thing stand out.

The sound effects in the game are those that you would expect from a fighting game. There isn’t any voice acting, not even a story so the game does have to suffer from that. Instead, what you get is a large number of different arenas, each one with a different, interesting opponent.

You get levels as you play, so there is a good incentive to come back more and more to experience what the game has to offer. We found the combat itself to be and feel really good, as it requires you to strategize moves and attacks in an efficient manner so you can get the best results. No button mashing, instead in Shadow Fight 2 you fight strategy at its best, something that can be uncommon for a fighting game, but which works great here.

shadow fight 2 erapid games review

Shadow Fight 2 also brings numerous weapons, although as a ninja you will most likely go with the ones that are usually held in combat by these individuals. Each opponent you encounter as you play will bring different strengths and weaknesses, so it can be really fun to explore exactly what the game has to offer.

Since this is a freemium title, you do need to pay real money for some of the in-game items, although this might not be a problem for some people. Others on the other hand will feel that this particular payment method is not feasible, so in the end it can be really hard to judge it. Rest assured though that you can play the game without any in-app purchases, so don’t worry about that.

In conclusion, Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best fighting games that you can find right now on mobile platforms, and that says quite a lot about the overall quality of the game. It plays well, has a gruesome combat with a large focus on strategy and it looks stunning, so it’s well worth the time!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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