Shapik: The Quest – Forest Adventure

Shapik: The Quest erapid games review

Shapik: The Quest – Games Review

Shapik and his sister lived in a magical forest filled with wondrous beauty! They have pretty peaceful and happy lives there. However, one day, while they were out for a walk, Shapik’s sister accidentally stepped into a trap and was hauled away by some kidnappers! Help Shapik as he sets off on his quest to find and rescue his sister from the evil kidnappers in Shapik: The Quest!

Shapik: The Quest is a short, charming and completely free-to-play puzzle adventure game that contains very simple controls and yet can be rather challenging to play! In this game, you’ll be moving Shapik by tapping on the marked out locations on the screen that he can go to. There are plenty of things that you can tap to reveal or interact as well! For instance, in one of the earliest levels, you will need to tap on the bee that is trapped in a spider’s web in order to free it from certain death.

As you are its saviour, the bee sticks around with Shapik to repay its debt. The bee is a very important component in the game as it is able to help you reach for things that are out of reach, like dropping a vine for Shapik to climb up or knocking fruits off trees to scare away a bird. This adorable pet bee of yours can even help you lift keys off the bad guys and bring the keys to you!

Shapik: The Quest erapid games review

The level goal in Shapik: The Quest is also very straightforward – you’ll just need to find ways (some of them may require some creative thinking) to get pass the problems presented each level, may it be a locked door or trying to find the correct code to lower a bridge. There will even be dangers, such as the menacing robot patrolling the kidnapper’s hideout that you’ll have to take care of, so that Shapik can safely proceed to the next level.

Not to mention, Shapik will meet several other inhabitants in the forest who need his help as well! For example, there is an elderly wizard, who asks you to help him get the other piece of the rune from the bird that stole it so that he could unlock the door of his home. There is also a green one-eyed alien that may remind you of Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc, who asks you help him find his pet snail. Use your great puzzle-solving skills to help these poor fellows to move on to the next level!

Shapik: The Quest erapid games review

The challenging, and intriguingly fun, aspect of this game is that there is absolutely no guide to show you what to do. You’ll just have to figure out how to solve the level and proceed to the next one by randomly tapping on items of significance on your screen. There are usually very few items that are interactive in every level and you’ll eventually get at least a piece of the solution that will help you to inch along to finally solving the level! The only advice that I can give you is to not give up! After all, the tougher the challenge, the sweeter the victory! The feeling of being able to finally and successfully crack a level in this game is indeed exhilarating!

In short, Shapik: The Quest is an excellently-designed indie puzzle adventure game that will definitely give your brain a good tease… although the adventure it provides can be a tad bit short. Nonetheless, if you love a challenge, you should definitely give Shapik: The Quest a try!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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