Sheep happens – sheep, zombies… run!!

sheep happens erapid games review

Sheep Happens – Game Review

Sheep happens – Endless running games have always tested the limits of players all over the globe when it comes to the ability of actually controlling your character in dire situations. Sheep Happens is a game that brings you just that, an impressive game world, with lots of challenging, an endless running mechanic that’s really fun as well as a lot of character, thus blending everything together in a neat, appealing package that will definitely be liked by all gamers.

sheep happens game review erapidgames

The game doesn’t have any story per say, but it takes place during the first Olympic Games, and you take the role of Perseus. You get a little help from Hermes, which enables you to fly and glide for a short period of time, mechanic that will help you quite a lot while you play the game. The story itself is simple and doesn’t bring too much to the table, but the gameplay is the one that literally excels.

You need to jump over obstacles simply by tapping on them and, when you need, you will have to glide in order to get as many coins as possible. These coins can be used to upgrade the character and his abilities, which you will desperately needs in the later levels where you will face numerous challenges. The game mechanics improve as you progress, since you have to deal with short jumps, large leaps, falling elements, so a lot of strategies is indeed involved.

sheep happens game review erapidgames

Graphically, the game is simply stunning. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds and everything you see on the screen is cleverly designed so you will simply have a blast from a visual standpoint. Rest assured that the soundtrack and the minor voice acting are stellar as well, so you will definitely benefit from the complete experience, which is a rare thing in the endless runner world.

However, you do need to pay complete attention because the obstacles are nuanced which means that you always need to ensure you are in complete control. As the name implies, sheep are a part of the game, so you can ride them, slam them or blow them up in a very funny style, which certainly gives a lot of character to the game. In addition to that, you can battle multiple bosses that will test your agility, as well as complete lots of other mini-games that might appear from time to time.

As you play you can collect coins that can be used to upgrade your character. There is also the possibility to buy the coins using real money, but that’s not required as you can play the game for free without a problem.

sheep happens game review erapidgames

Sheep Happens doesn’t really innovate anything in its genre, but instead it keeps the high amount of charm that you would expect from such a game. Gameplay is hard and unforgiving, just like in most endless runners, but everything is fun and beautiful, so you will definitely have a lot of fun trying to get further and further. If you like sheep and endless running games, or even if you just want a funny game, then this title is definitely the one you want!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10