Sheep in Dream – Sheep for Sleep

Sheep in Dream erapid games review

Sheep in Dream – Games Review

Having trouble sleeping? Well, there’s an app for that and it is called Sheep in Dream! It is an idle tapping game, whereby you’ll keep tapping on your screen to earn wool and unlock new adorable sheep and other equally cute animals!

How do you play this game? Well, although the game doesn’t provide any sort of tutorial, you’ll easily figure out the controls since you just need to tap in this game… and you don’t even need to tap in any particular order or following a specific timing! By tapping anywhere on the screen, you’ll get a sheep to jump over the fence. Every time a sheep take the leap, you’ll earn a certain amount of wool.

By mindlessly tapping in the game to collect wool, you can then use the wool to either upgrade an animal or buy a new one. Each upgrade will let you earn more wool per animal that made it across the fence. It also increases the frequency of the animal appearing when you tap on your screen. If your thumbs or fingers are not tired yet from all the tapping, you can try upgrading each type of animal up to the maximum of level 100.

Sheep in Dream erapid games review

As mentioned, you can also unlock a new sheep or other animals with the wool collected. Sheep in Dream offers many types of sheep that you can collect such as white sheep, brown sheep, black sheep, angel sheep and others. The game also provides a range of other animals that you can unlock such as cattle, long-tail monkey, elephant, rabbit, granny goat, fierce lion, sleepy buffalo and many more! These unlocks are not permanent though – for every new game you play, you’ll have to unlock all these sheep from the beginning.

While playing, there are sudden wolf encounters as well! When the big bad wolf appears, you’ll then need to rub the entire wolf with your finger to cover it in fluffy wool within the time limit given (as shown on the narrow yellow bar below the wolf). Once you’re done, the wolf will turned into a wolf in sheep skin and tearfully ran away. The game resumes right after that.

Not to mention, you’ll also be filling up the orange and yellow bars at the bottom by tapping. The orange bar will be filled up first and it’ll add to the yellow bar once full. The entire process will then be repeated after the orange bar is drained out. After the yellow bar is full, the boy at the bottom right corner of the screen will go to sleep. Tap on the sleep button to tuck him in and end the game or if you like, you could still continue playing the game since it doesn’t really matter.

Sheep in Dream erapid games review

In this game, you’ll need to find a balance between using your wool for upgrades or unlocks. This is because the game only awards diamonds at the end of each game, depending on the number of sheep you’ve unlocked and not the number of upgrades you’ve completed. The diamonds can then be used to upgrade your dream up to 5 times. The first upgrade rank will unlock the tree while the second will unlock the wooden shack. Eventually, you’ll be able to unlock a pet dog, the windmill and lastly the shepherd himself!

In summary, if you enjoy playing simple and idle games of tapping during your free time, Sheep in Dream is perfect for you! Try it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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