Siegefall receives Dragon Hunter update

Siegefall erapid games news

Siegefall is one of the most interesting strategy games out there, and with the new Dragon Hunter update things get even more interesting. The game is bringing in a slew of new cool features, such as the ability to control a new Dragon Hunter, which is a hero that has a ranged DPS and a bow which provides you with the means to attack enemies as you see fit.

The new hero has a wide range of cool abilities, such as Piercing Arrow and Arrow Crescent that allows you to obtain a much better, more interesting set of attacks. The damage is really good and overall the hero is just amazing to play with. The only downside when it comes to this particular hero is that you do need magic dust in order to summon it, which can be a problem for some users.

Siegefall erapid games news

On top of that, the new update also brings in a new tower which is a defensive one, named the Ancient Monolith, and it does an amazing job when it comes to protecting your kingdom from invaders.

Aside from that, Gameloft has also addressed the idea of entering Guild Battles, since you can build war ships for your guild now, and in addition the construction can be sped up and the timers are reduced via costs if you want.

Siegefall erapid games news

If that wasn’t enough to get you back into the game, consider that you can receive new rewards too, not to mention that there are limited time events to boost you up as well. If you like Siegefall or the idea of strategy games, then this new update brings all you ever wanted and so much more, so you should try it out at the link below!

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