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simcity build it erapid games review

SimCity Build It – Games review

Build your very own city today in SimCity Build It and watch it grow into a thriving metropolitan!

To start, you’ll need housing for your growing population. Build residential zones along your city’s roads to attract new citizens! These zones are restricted by your level and they will require raw or crafted materials (or sometimes both) to build. However, these materials can be easily crafted at your Supplies Store or harvested from your Factories (and ensure that these factories are far away from any of your houses). Although your production buildings have rather limited slots for queues, you can unlock new slots by spending some SimCash. SimCash are currency that you’ll need real money to buy, but don’t worry, you are given quite a number of SimCash to start the game with!

With so many materials, you’ll need a big enough City Storage to keep them in. Although you only have a maximum storage space of 40 materials initially, you can easily upgrade your storage with special materials that can only be obtained if you listen to the people in your city. You just need to tap on the speech bubbles that pop up occasionally to have a chance of earning some special materials.

simcity build it erapid games review

Furthermore, the game is as intricate as the other games in the SimCity franchise. Soon, you’ll need to address your city’s power grid and water supply. Unlike the PC version of the game, the pipes and cables are automatically laid out once you’ve built the water tower or power station. As you progress, you’ll need to handle even more governmental responsibilities like managing your city’s fire hazard, pollution, crime, health, education, transportation, entertainment, gambling, landmarks for tourism and, of course, sewage and waste… Hey, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it!

Besides utilities and housing, your tiny Sim people will need to have some place to relax too! Build parks to boost their happiness, which will translate into higher taxes paid. It’s a win-win situation! Once you’ve covered your land with buildings, you can even expand your city limits by buying up new surrounding lands (unlocks at level 10)!

Earning money can be a tad bit difficult in SimCity Build It, especially you reached the higher levels. The two fail-safe ways for you to earn simoleons (in-game currency) are by collecting taxes from your City Hall every day and by providing house upgrades to people who want it. Another way to earn money is by selling materials to the game’s community at the trade depot. This building will only be unlocked once your city hits 8000 population though. Sometimes, you may encounter pop ups that allow you to trade your materials in for some more extra cash as well.

simcity build it erapid games review

Moreover, there are achievements in this game too! Achievements in this game can be hard to get, but they provide great rewards for any of your outstanding progress in the game! Once you’ve obtained an achievement, you can collect your SimCash reward at your City Mansion (unlocks at level 6).

I, for one, love SimCity Build It for its awesome day and night cycle. The streets, buildings and car headlamps will light up during the evenings and throughout the night. It’s really a beautiful sight to behold!

In short, SimCity Build It is very well-developed and is definitely one of the best construction and management simulation mobile apps out there! Do expect to sink a lot of time in this game, particularly if you like SimCity games or any other games like it. Download it free today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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