Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders

Google Play is home to a wide range of games and genres, but with Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders we have the opportunity to try out something new and exciting! This is an aerial combat game that places a lot of focus on the way you control the enemies and try to defeat them.

The game focuses a lot on simulating the intense and vivid WWII combat by presenting you with an impressive set of dogfights that are inspired from the war itself. Since this is a game based on the war itself, you can fly through tunnels, engage cities or protect them, bomb enemy structures as well as kill all the enemies that oppose you, in an effort to complete your missions as fast as you can. The main idea here is that you need to strategize the best way you can in order to complete objectives and provide the best possible results in the end.

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders erapid games news

In Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders you will be able to play in recreations of real life locations that include France, Germany, Pearl Harbor, Midway and the Coast of Dover.

What makes Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders stand out is the intense set of visuals that will immerse you into the wonderful gameplay. On top of that, the title also brings some impressive special effects as well as professional audio, so each combat session and mission feel alive, something that you do want from such a game.

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders erapid games news

Also, being able to relive battles from long lost times is one of the best things that you can do, so you will like the game for sure. Of course, the title does manage to provide an online mode as well, so you can battle people from all over the world in intense and cunning battles where you test your aptitudes against various types of enemies.

All in all, Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders is a new game that should be on your watch list. It’s very cheap, and it provides a great time while playing it, so check it out!

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