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Skyward – Games Review

Want to test your hand-eye coordination with a very simple game? Well, you’re in the right place, my friend – Skyward is the endless one-tap-one-step game you seek!

The game has a charming yet simplistic interface as well as gameplay. Although there is no tutorial provided, you’ll easily figure out how the game works after some hands-on! It’s truly a simple game. What you need to do is to tap the screen to ‘step’, or in other words, to place either the red or the blue dot onto the next segment of the platform. However, it’s not as easy as dragging the spots from one point to the other. Instead, you’ll need to time correctly when the spot will be on the platform before you tap to step, since these spots will take turns circling each other rather rapidly!

Not to mention, the game becomes progressively harder as the spot will become smaller with every turn it makes. If you didn’t manage to ‘step’ it before it is shrunk into oblivion, then you’ll lose the game. Furthermore, as you progress, the tiles or the platform will move as well, making accurate timing even more important than it already is!

Skyward erapid games review

The game also provides a variety of unique special tiles to further ramp up or to tone down the challenge. For instance, if you ‘stepped’ your dot on a tile marked with a snail, the circling speed of the orbiting dot will be slowed, making ‘stepping’ much easier. However, there are some tiles that make this challenging game even more challenging! One example is the lightning tile. It works in an opposite manner to the snail-marked tile. This means that it will pump up the speed of the orbiting dot… by a lot. It’ll take all your wits with you to score the next step successfully with this boost on. There is also a reverse tile which will, of course, reverse the direction of the rotation of the circling dot. Thus, it’ll turn a clockwise-turning dot into anti-clockwise and vice versa. Quite honestly, it can make you rather dizzy, especially when you encounter a couple of these in a row.

Moreover, the map that you’ll be ‘stepping’ the dots on are styled after the labyrinth-like world of Escher – if you don’t know who he is, you could always ask Google! So, sometimes, instead of moving your dots forward, you may need to move them upwards, or even sideways! Some maps also boasts of having alternate paths as well!

Skyward erapid games review

Getting a high score in this game may take a bit more practice, some training and plenty of failures. Thus, the game encourages you by unlocking new tile patterns and formations whenever you hit certain score milestones, such as 20, 30 40 and so on! For example, you will unlock the alleyway formation once you get a score in between 40 to 49, while you’ll earn the guillotine formation if you get a score in between 30 to 39.

If you are signed into Google Plus, there’s a leaderboard that allows you to see your score ranking among your friends and among every player in Skyward. You can also share your score on your many social media to challenge your friends to try to beat your high score… which of course, they can’t, because you’re awesome like that, right? *Winks*

Anyhow, in short, Skyward is an extremely entertaining and addictive casual game that is simple to pick up but hard to master. It truly pushes your hand-eye coordination to its limit! So, what are you waiting for? Try Skyward today!

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